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Bunch of Ideas and Suggestions

Mon Mar 02, 2015 9:23 pm

This is just my idea and suggestions and also laying it out there, please don't hate! :D

Users should have an alert or a notification when they receive messages from their chat. A different color bubble maybe? Chat bubble pops up alittle? I don't know.

Users should have the opportunity to send people messages/mail even if they're offline.

Guilds should have different positions for members to play certain parts or just positions for bragging rights.
For example: Co-Leader, Elder, Sergeant, Lieutenant, etc.

Guild Leader or someone in second command can send everyone messages at once to notify them for any important announcements.

Daily or certain day of the week for different events for the guild people to participate
Guild Boss Event (Anyone in the Guild can attend) max players:5-10 people (reduces lag)
Different types of difficulty of the boss. One for the lower levels/might, medium levels/might, higher levels/might.

World Boss Event (Everyone participates) This would probably be the worst and lagiest idea but just throwing it out there, who knows you could make it work out!

More team orientated functions for people who like to play in a group or as a team since it is a "Online Multiplayer RPG"
Instances: Can fight together at the max of 2-3 players on certain difficulties but at the cost of their time to achieve their "3 Stars" for example like Solo Play is defeat the boss in 2:00mins is 3Stars if I recall correctly, then make it 1:30 or 1:00 depending on how many players are attended. ** Needs to be in the same level range 1-2 more or less. This will prevent any power leveling or exploit.

Double XP / Double Gold / 2x Recovery Constitution/Fort Event on certain days

Buff or Add more "HP upon hit" on wings, I feel like the heal is too small even when bosses or even monsters are hitting like 800-3k+ damage. Maybe it's just the lower quality of wings and I havn't experienced a greater wing yet, maybe its just me who knows.
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