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Inventory Management + Other Suggestions

Sat Mar 07, 2015 5:14 pm

Character Name: Ek1
Server: S2-CA-Jaraken

Suggestion 1: Sell multiple items from inventory.
You get a lot of loot from instance runs, especially from using auto-loot. Most of this loot is useless to higher level players, and I have to sell the items off one by one (tap item + tap sell). This gets annoying very quickly, so it would be great to allow selection of multiple items to sell at the same time (either auto selection based on item type/rarity, or custom selection like during rune upgrades).

Suggestion 2: Upgrading multiple equipment levels using Starderite
When upgrading equipment, there's no way to select how much starderite to use, and the "add automatically" function only adds enough for one level. This is another annoying process (press "add automatically", press upgrade. 60+ times around level 35). You should be able to select the number of levels (or amount of starderite) to add, up to a level cap, when upgrading equipment.

Suggestion 3: In game searchable FAQ
There is a lot of information in this game, and it can get overwhelming fast especially if you didn't pay much attention during the tutorial. There should be a searchable FAQ that explains various functions of the game with more detail (belts for example were extremely confusing to me at first).
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