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HELP!! Wing Regneration ISSUE!!

Sun Sep 25, 2016 12:12 am

GM of Snail games,

Looking at all four options for Wing regeneration, I have one question. IS IT AN ERROR that the Blood/Frenzy/Essence wing regeneration stat ALL have their main stat boost FIRST Dmg%/Siphon etc so when you upgrade wing you get you Dmg% increase stat by Regeration 3.

BUT is it programming ERROR that for Horn Regeneration Damage Deflect % stat is the LAST stat on the wing regeneration list and I know a player with "Regeneration 7" and THEY STILL DO NOT HAVE THE DAMAGE DEFLECT STAT ON THEIR WINGS???

So all other players that select Frenzy/Essence/Blood get their main stat Early at Regeneration 3 BUT players that chose Horn DON'T get their main stat EVEN AT REGENERATION 7?? Is this correct or an error because if this is correct by snail then thats VERY UNFAIR, because WE were not told or given discription that the stat would take SO LONG to upgrade to on Horn Regeneration!!!
Especially unfair because once you choose your wing regeneration you CANNOT CHANGE it.

Regeneration 3 Frenzy = "(DMG BOOST 3% (main stat))", Health 6k, Dmg 675 etc
Regeneration 7 Horn = "(NO DMG DEFLECT MAIN STAT)" Net Dmg 2k, Health 14k, DMG 1400, Dmg Red. 700 UNFAIR-

Re: HELP!! Wing Regneration ISSUE!!

Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:03 am


Dear player, thanks for contacting.we will forward your idea to our developer and they will take it into consideration.At the mean time, we could reforge the wings and choose a new regeneration. Please be advised.

Thanks a lot for your support and have a nice day!

Best regards,
Snail Customer Support Team
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