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Ability to Join Google account and snail account

Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:44 pm


Being a software developer myself, there are various think that I would like to see in taichi Panda.

I am currently playing taichi panda using my google account. I would like to be able to create a snail account, fill in my google email address and have then the system will recognise my account (and character) created with my google account. The ability to sync the data from my google account onto a snail account.

I don't know if my request is clear and if it has been already suggested in the pass.

Let me know if this is something you guys can do.

Kingfox S54

Re: Ability to Join Google account and snail account

Sat Oct 01, 2016 9:34 pm


Dear player, thanks for your contacting. We do have this function but we need to know why you wanted to transfer your Google account to a Snail account. Please send us an email at support@snailgamesusa.com with your server name and character name so we can help you better.

Snail Games Support Team
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