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Bugs & Suggestions

Sun May 07, 2017 2:29 pm

Taichi Panda Bugs & Suggestions

I give every bug and feature suggestion a priority ([HIGH], [MEDIUM], [LOW])
I'm posting this here so people can contribute as well. Furthermore, the formatting here is much easier than doing everything in email.

I will edit the first post from time to time.

LAST UPDATE: 27th May 2017

[HIGH] - Ancient Battlefield Invite System:
There is a bug right now which prevents the room to start. If you invite too many players, players can join until the room is full, normally. However, right now even when the room is full, it seems that players still can join the room according to the messages. If too many players joined then, one cannot start the queue.

[MEDIUM] - Pet Clan Duplicate Name:
If you look in to Pet Clans, there you can find Cloud Clan twice which is obviously a mistake. Dragon Clan is missing.
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/fK5qrfd

[LOW] - Removing old cohorts:
There is no way right now to remove old, inactive former cohorts. The 'Anull' function is not working here, you cannot click it.
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/WLSCMWZ

[LOW] - Visual Bug:
Looks ugly.
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/pNC8wmA

[LOW] - Auto-Join Guild Function not working:
The auto-join function for guilds is not working. If the auto-join is ticked on, and a player applies to the guild, then the player did not auto-join. The player still has to be accepted manually by a Vice or Guild Leader.
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/nKElAbi

[LOW] - 1 Star Rune left over:
According to my knowledge, every player still has one of those star runes left. Why is that so? Is the Communce tab even finished?
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/3KiogkC

Features Suggestions:
[LOW/MEDIUM] - Announcement System:
The usual announcement system has three weak points.
1) [LOW] Speed
The speed of announcements should be increased. For instance, in 'Total War' mode there are many announcements displaying: "Winged Gaurdian is there", "...killed red/blue genreral", "red/blue player XXX captured flag" etc. The thing is, the announcements are not reflecting the current state because they are too damn slow. If Total War is over, after 10 minutes I still see announcements that some player captured the flag even though the total war is already over.
Suggestion: increase the speed a little bit in general. For game-specific announcements like in Total War, display the announcements instantly. Maybe let them fade in from the top and shorten the announcements. "Player XXX killed red/blue general" for instance is enough, you could also replace the word "killed" with a sword symbol or something. Shortening the announcements in any way would benefit everyone.

2) [LOW] Placement
The placement is also not optimal. For example, in citadel mode the timer is very hard to see if there is an active announcement. On mobile, it's even worse to read.
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/OWrHrXj
Suggestion: either move the citadel timer or the announcement row.

3) [MEDIUM] Custom announcements
Sometimes you are displaying some custom announcements regarding to some bugs or specific events etc. For instance, you are displaying right now something like that "...Taiji Exchange is working...there is a display issue...". Problem here is, only players who are online right now can read it, players who are offline at that time cannot read it later anymore. Secondly, the custom announcements are always incomplete. I assume that there is char limit on these announcements that cause this incompleteness.
Suggestion: For custom announcements, use the Mail System by sending every player a Mail (similar to Guild Mail) so every player has a chance to read your announcements. I guess that the char limit in Mails is also higher so the announcement would be complete too.

[LOW] - Recommended Friends Feature:
This feature should recommend players which have similar level. Instead, it recommends right now mostly only low-level players of which many of them are also inactive I assume.
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/IvEeGJC
Suggestion: completely remove the feature OR fix it by recommending players with similar level / similar might range AND who are also active (last online <3 days or something)

[LOW] - Pickpocketing:
Nowadays, no one is using pickpocketing to get green siderite (1.000) or to get only ONE refinement stone. No one would spend 5 Fortitude for one of tthose things.
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/t9jwCFF
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/SobfLfi
Suggestion: Remove both.

[LOW] - Rework of Achievements & Titles:
Some Achievements & Titles are outdated and have to be adjusted.

- Events -> Battle Royale: Kill XX Mounts in 1 battle
Suggestion: Remove
Reason: Taichi Panda is now in a stage where players alone are much stronger than using mounts. Nowadays, no one uses Mounts anymore or very rarely. It's impossible to kill e.g. 15 Mounts in 1 battle. The more time passes, the more difficult/impossible it is going to be.
- Feats -> Might reaches 600,000
Suggestion: Update / Adjust
Reason: We are already in the 1m / 2m area.
These were only examples. Adjust & Updates achievements according to current state of game.

- Complete Team Instance XXXX and be the first on server
Suggestion: Remove
Reason: There are many titles which are impossible to get anymore. Last time you can get that was on server merge, being online exactly after merge is completed to complete instance as fast as possible. This is just unfair because many people might not have time for that.
- 1st/2nd/3rd Damage Rank on Megaboss
Suggestion: Remove
Reason: These titles are only valid for 1 day. So it's impossible to get all of them, so where is the meaning of that? These titles are also very weak so no player would even use these titles, the time limitation of 1 day is in no way justified here.
- 1st/2nd/3rd Rank in instance rankings
Suggestion: Remove
Reason: By now, most of the playerbase completed all instances. The instance rankings are not updating anymore because there are no new instances to complete. Even if you do add instances, after some time, the rankings will be static again, no change anymore. This is unfair for the players because every player should have an equal new chance to get the title everyday.
These were only examples. Adjust & Updates titles according to current state of game.

New Suggestions:
- Chaos Battlefield: Score XX points
- Chaos Battlefield: Capture the flag XX times
- Chaos Battlefield: Capture the base flag (the top & bottom) XX times
- Ancient Battlefield: Kill XX Mounts
- Ancient Battlefield: Kill XX Mounts in 1 battle
- Ancient Battlefield: Summon the boss XX times
- Endless Abyss: Complete Level 10/20/30/...
- Total War: Kill XX players
- Edge of Survival: Score at least 10 points in 1 battle XX times
- Cross-Server Challenge: Win XX battles (to motivate more Cross-Server Challenge)

- Complete Team Instance XXXX in under 1:30 mins
- Complete Team Instance XXXX in under 1:00 mins
- Complete Team Instance XXXX in under X:XX mins
- Complete all Map Instances with 3 stars (If you add new Map Instances, reset the title for all players)
- Change to every character class for 1 day/ 7 days (to motivate players to look on other classes)
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Re: Bugs & Suggestions

Mon May 08, 2017 1:22 am

Dear player,

Greetings! Thank you for your contact.

We will forward your suggestion and issues your reported to our developer. Hope they can do further optimization in the game.

And really appreciated for your kindly support for our game.
And other issues, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
Snail Games Support Team

Re: Bugs & Suggestions

Sat May 27, 2017 9:21 pm

Thank you for your hard work.

Resolved/ Removed Bugs:

[LOW] - Display Bug: Pet Cultivation
New attributes and values are not shown correctly.
Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/HDVBheb.jpg

Resolved/ Removed Features:
[LOW] - Move your Kings Team Members to the top of Invite Lists:
If you do Team Instances, Battlefield, Relic Lord etc. you mostly want to do them with someone from your Kings Team to get more Activity Points. Problem: it often says "Player already in team" or the might difference in your friend list causes you to scroll all way down, over and over again. Solution: Put all Kings Team Members to top of Invite List, so we can see quickly who is online and who offline, plus the inviting is much faster.

I have updated the first post with current bugs and feature suggestions.
Please forward them to the developer team.
Current Status: 27th May 2017
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