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Re: Welcome to the Idea & Suggestions Forums

Tue May 26, 2015 7:01 pm

Dear Developers and GMs,

1. Character Name: Legend-Maximus
2. Character Level: 54
3. Server Name: US-Mephisto
4. Detailed description of suggestion:


How about a trading system where all players (of one server) are able to trade their specific rewards/items/pills/soulstones/or even pets? The payment method could be either verified by "Coins" or "Diamonds" purchase.

In my opinion there are 3 different types of tradings which can be integrated into the game system:


A) Real-time Trading system
Two live players who are online at the same time on the same server are able to trade items with each other by simply activating a "real time" trading mechanism*.
How does it work?
    This means that both players insert their items they wish to trade for. If one of the trading person is accepting the conditions of the procedure (for example Player1 needs two Borik soulstones while Player2 needs 2 shards of Neptunes Sword and both are capable of the required items), then both of the players can come to an agreement and trade their items instantly. Payment method:
    Must be in game items. No diamonds or gold coins exchange allowed. Simple item trading system.

After each successful transaction players must pay a comission fee to the server.
The fee can be paid with existing diamonds or gold coins. Each trading and transaction requires a fixed amount of fee. In this case both, the players and the developers can profit from the new function. (Diamonds can still be purchased with real money)

    Pro: Players will reach during the game a certain high level. Not everyone is willing to pay (a huge amount of) real money for diamonds (anymore) since they have reached their desired level and full skilled pets. High leveled players tend to stagnate into buying more diamonds with real money because a) they have invested already a lot of real money during the game (to upgrade their items high enough and fast enough) and b) the investment of real money will surmount average people's earnings and investment capability.

    Contra: IMO there is not a real contra. Both the players and developers can profit from this system. This will lurke more players to play this game while the average player is able to reach high levels and item upgrades without investing loads of real money. But the effect of small trading and the fee method will still elate people to buy diamonds or gold for real money. The major difference will be the individual purchase which makes it look on the first sight very little, but the sum of all players who are encouraged to purchase diamonds for real money will outbalance the individual (high amount) real paid diamonds.


B) AFK/Offline Trading system
Therefore the player can stay offline or AFK from the playing device (phone or pad) and it is not mandatory to be online during the trade.
How does it work?
    Players can choose the function "Activate trading market"**. Once this function is activated all players turn automatically into a "resting" mode while the very own personal market will be opened. During this mode players can switch off the game because the "resting" status or market trading status will be remembered and kept by the server. You can switch off this mode by simply log in again or manually switching it off. As soon as you have activated this mode, your own market will stay opened until your manual shutdown. (This grants also switched off devices or players who go offline for an opened market.)
    This means that the individual player is allowed to put all the wanted items for sale into one big market pot (limited space)***. Random players now are able to wander through the market (a place where those "resting" players are sitting/or standing with a note that they are in the mode of "Trading Market" status) and choose from individual players and their offerings. Each player with an opened offer market can additional put slogans and banner on his market in order to attract shopping people.
    This system resembles the original marketplace. The owner with the best offerings will be the one with the most selling and profit. This can also integrate a whole new sales system with individual prices and item values.
    Payment method:
    Gold coins, rare items, diamonds.

After each successful purchase players must pay a comission fee to the server.
The fee can be paid by existing diamonds or gold coins (or rare items). Each trading and purchase requires a different (!) amount of fee. Depending on the purchased items and the amount of items beeing bought/traded, each player needs to pay a varied amount of fees. The more you purchase the more fees are required to pay. Fees can be paid only with diamonds. (optional fee payment with gold depends on the developers strategy on making profit and the same time preserving player's attraction in purchasing gold with real money)

Limited space market. Each player with an opened market can only sell a certain amount of items. For additional space and item sales players can purchase more space with diamonds, real money or VIP status.
For example:
Each player can sell up to 5 items per day. For additional space in order to sell more items player must pay with diamonds or real money. VIP status will also grant more space for the market.
VIP 1: 5 items per day
VIP 2: 6 items per day
VIP 3: 7 items per day
VIP 5: 10 items per day
VIP 6: 13 items per day
VIP 7: 16 items per day
and so on.
(please note: this is just an example. it may also apply for diamond or real money upgrades)

    Pro: With this system the game will reach a whole new level of trading system and item upgrades. This may also integrate a new market economy with individual rising and falling prices. Developers can profit from this system by selling upgrades, VIP status, Gold coins AND Diamonds. Depending on the local (server sided) market price the Developers or GM can raise or decrease the costs for purchasing diamonds or gold with real money. The amount of real money purchase of individual players will stack into the total amount in the end and will increase the profit advantageously.
    Contra: Developers possibly have to increase the size of (hometown) maps or the server capacity because of the large rush of people owning their own market. Either this will be integrated in an own table system with no pictured characters (such as as virtual market) or a real in game market square where all players with their characters can come and gather together to present their own market (market square - you need an own market area for this on the map).


C) In-Game PVP trading
This one is very simple. Integrated NCPs are selling various items and armor.
How does it work?
    Players can buy and purchase items from diferent NCPs on different maps. Items are based on each maps required level and might. The more powerful and higher level the item the more expensive it is. Very basic items such as refining stones or siderite can be purchased by NCPs.
    However high level players have the adventage to buy rare items such as shards or pet soulstones. Rare items or soulstones are very expensive and can be only purchased with gold coins.
    Payment method:
    Gold coins only.
    Pro: People tend to spend on "less important items" such as refining stones or siderite. With less gold coins people are less capable to level up skills, pets, refinings or tradings. This will grant a 100% need to purchase more gold with diamonds or invested money. Both developers and players can profit from this system. Players with high amount of gold coins are able to purchase upgrading items easier while the developers can rely on players intention to invest in small steps by buying game coins for real money.
    Contra: Nothing.


These are just my few thoughts about an in-game built trading system.

Please consider this as a formal suggestion. Any spelling or grammatical errors can be kept by yourself. :P

Thanks for taking your time and reading it.

PS: Hacking will not work since everything is server sided. So no worries for item hacks or gold coin stealings.

The OP
MaximusP (Legend-Maximus)

Server: US-S12 Mephisto
Rank level: 54
Guild: Legend

Re: Welcome to the Idea & Suggestions Forums

Wed May 27, 2015 11:04 am

I agree with everything you wrote MaximusP

I hope the game's creators to incorporate these things in future updates.It would be great if you happen

1. Character Name: ArielZ
2. Character Level: 37
3. Server Name: US-S16 Gubbly

Re: Welcome to the Idea & Suggestions Forums

Sat May 30, 2015 3:16 am

I have a suggestion for Arena. It would be nice if the AI had better movement or interactions. It really frustrating when a player that is no where near you or u can kill on auto within 5 seconds can beat you when he's no where near your strength. Just make it so that when a person is silenced they dont stand still to take shots and so on...

Re: Welcome to the Idea & Suggestions Forums

Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:02 am

1. Character Name: Genesis_Kitty
2. Character Level: 60
3. Server Name-- US-14 Paladin
4. Detailed description of suggestion

Adding a better search system would be nice. People currently have a hard time looking for guilds in search if they are not ranked in top 20 unless the name is spelled correctly and is also difficult since search currently is case sensitive. Also there is no search on server character names which would be nice to know people's rankings minus those in top 30 or so...

Re: Welcome to the Idea & Suggestions Forums

Wed Jun 03, 2015 3:15 pm

1. Character Name: Genesis_Kitty
2. Character Level: 60
3. Server Name- US-14 Paladin
4. Outfit Smelt

I noticed I have a lot of extra outfits I wont use so was wondering if they could be used for smelting. Also I thought it would be wise to disable purchases for outfits if the outfits were already in stock since some people might mis-click the outfit pack twice.

Re: Welcome to the Idea & Suggestions Forums

Fri Jun 12, 2015 11:09 am

1. Character Name: iKoneko
2. Character Level: 48
3. Server Name-- US-S19 Panda
4. Detailed description of suggestion

It would be great to have a "bank" where we can store our items that we do not use but still want to save for later.
Like a second outfit or 26 quality gear we don't use atm.
25 slots where i can deposit stuff would be enough for me, maybe if you have a higher VIP lvl the bank slots increase.
It would also be great to deposit and withdraw money from the bank, so people can save money or other stuff like awakening pills or exalt stones.
Saving diamonds should also be really helpfull haha. :lol:
So the idea is a bank where we can store our items, hope this will become reality since it's helpfull for everyone. :D

Re: Welcome to the Idea & Suggestions Forums

Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:22 am

1. Character Name: DragoBan
2. Character Level: 42
3. Server Name-- US-S24 Seer
4. Detailed description of suggestion

I believe it would be helpful to have a "reforge" systems for pets. It would obviously be named differently, for example reincarnate may work, but it would have the same idea as reforge for weapons does. You would pay X amount of diamonds to return the pet to level 1 and evolution 0 and receive the gold, surge pills, soulstones, etc that you put into it. It would be very helpful for when you're newer and put everything into a few pets before you realize it's not very difficult to get strong pets.

Re: Welcome to the Idea & Suggestions Forums

Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:58 pm

1. Character Name: Kise
2. Character Level: 36
3. Server Name-- Panda
4. Detailed description of suggestion

I hope i can switch to another server to never made again a new character

Re: Welcome to the Idea & Suggestions Forums

Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:55 pm

With the new update u should give a ticket (free or cost diamonds) to transfer character. Everyone can transfer just one time.

Re: Welcome to the Idea & Suggestions Forums

Wed Jul 22, 2015 3:36 pm

1. Character Name: FoxyJ
2. Character Level: 47
3. Server Name-- EU S28 Surge
4. Detailed description of suggestion

I want to suggest that the level restriction be removed from Story mode(Instances).
The levelling up system is the most tedious I have ever seen in all my gaming years. Also, this is the first I have played and there is no energy refill on levelling up.

I don't know why there is so much restriction on levelling up and advancement in the game and am not sure if it's a new thing because I haven't seen much complaints about it. Honestly, it's souring up the game for when I have to wait two or four days to achieve a level that would only enable me to play 2 instances then wait another few days to achieve the required level. It's not encouraging at all and it's taking the shine off this game that I really rated high.

It's not really apparent at the lower levels but once you get to level 40 everything changes. I've only been on the game for two weeks and a few days so am quite new to Taichi Panda. I have all 5 characters active at level 27-32 and am on VIP 5 on FoxyJ just to show how much I got into the game. But now I realise my VIP5 doesn't really make much difference on this issue.

I don't really see how removing the level restriction can affect the game balance unless it's just a way of making people spend more to level up but even with that it's still a bit impractical for me to buy constitution that increases with every purchase so that again is discouraging. I don't get it maybe someone can explain the logic behind it otherwise it seems like a deliberate attempt to discourage people from playing the game.
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