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The Secret to F2P Success Guide/Philosophy

Fri Mar 20, 2015 9:30 pm

Hi, I am Capitalism(ID) from S1-US Garja(Server) and I am currently at rank #126 on the might leaderboard and peaking at #50 in the Arena. Although TaiChi panda has IAP advantages - like most mobile games -, I have found the essential steps to success while being a F2P (Free to play) player. Here are some rules that might help you achieve high rankings!

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Rule #1 Frugal- Not wasteful
As a F2P player, save all your goodies unless it will benefit you tremendously immediately (Higher quality gear, rune etc). You know those purple constitution pills? SAVE THEM. They will come in handy when you reach a the stronger in the map (because their drops will be better) and can use them to auto battle every stage.
-This includes etc. (more on this later)

Rule #2 Acceptance- Sorry, no instant gratification without $
Know that since you are a F2P player, you will be behind for the most part. The guy who spends hundreds and thousands WILL be ahead of you, but that is not the point. The goal of this guide is to have as much fun and competitiveness while being a F2P player. So what does this mean?
-It's okay to not have everything right now... I know... delayed gratification is pretty harsh nowadays, but play for the Late game (end game goal of completing the game stages + bosses)
-"BUT I CANT GET NUMBER 1 IN PVP?? :(" Well, of course... you didn't invest enough time or money!
F2P means that you are trading heavily your time invested for progress, instead of money + minimal time. You might not be able to get #1, but you will come pretty damn close later on in the game if you follow these rules. Be realistic in terms of your goals and what you predict in the future.

Rule #3 Social- Be resourceful
You know those strong players in the game? Or those strong guilds? JOIN THEM! How to quickly finish boss fights that allow CO-OP? FIND STRONG PARTNERS! The key to the dungeons in this game is to find players who are strong enough to help you.
-"What if they don't want to help?" Well... find someone else. Not everyone has a golden heart and none of them are required to help you. They are not benefiting from helping you... they are only being kind so don't feel entitled. Just look and hope that someone is having a good day!

Rule #4 Reciprocity- You scratch my back? I'll scratch yours.
Hey remember how I told you to find strong players? Well now that you are fairly strong yourself, RECIPROCATE. Help those newbies or low might people who are in the same position you were. Help them out! It's only fair... But why? Well honestly, you don't have to, but it creates a better environment in the game.
-"BUT ENVIRONMENT WHY DO I CARE?" Because you are playing this multi-player game (with other people), and if everyone leaves because there is no connection or community; then you are better off playing single-player games.

Well, you know, Might is a BIG thing in this game to determine your strength as a player, so RESEARCH IT. How to optimize your items, runes, pets, belt, etc. But what if you get lost? There is a leaderboard, and it is effective to study the top players of this game. Keep in mind that these players have more access to different resources in terms of gold, diamonds, or pets; therefore, make changes accordingly. If the top player has a Arena only pet with high evolution, don't expect to have it as strong! Like I said before, be realistic about your goals, but with time and effort (planning), you can achieve similar success. Analysis of game stats and item/rune/pet configuration on the wikipedia or from the leaderboard goes a long way.

Rule #6 Diamonds and gold usage

As a F2P, you accumulate diamonds slowly, but surely. At the start of the game, your diamond income(the rate at which you acquire diamonds) is pretty high, but it drops off and becomes steady. The amount of diamonds you can accumulate can be pretty high given the amount of days you played. Try to spend the first few sets of diamonds in the 10x Diamond treasure box (the one on the right, costs 1425 diamonds) in order to start having quality 26 equipment (the highest). Note that you can not acquire quality 26 necklaces or rings from the diamond treasure boxes. After you have some items, save up the diamonds or spend them slowly on constitution pills if you need to level quickly or farm materials.
-Now here is the key part, when is enough saving enough?
The key is, TaiChi panda has spending events which grants you gifts for spending a certain amount of diamonds, and when you spend 5000 or more within that time period of the event, you will get one orange rune or so plus other goodies. Spend when you reach the 5000 threshold with the event or when you can reach the 10000 threshold for these goodies. That is the fastest way to acquire gold runes since the next best thing is arena and it takes 80days to get ONE SET of gold runes.
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Gold is important in this game because everything costs gold. Gold starts becoming scarce when you reach level 25 or around there. Do your daily tasks, spend your constitution and fortitude and keep the gold for upgrading items. It takes a tremendous amount of gold to upgrade your items to level 85(the max for the highest stats). You can also use gold to open gold treasures which can grant you pet souls that are very impactful depending on which pet. So keep the grind on and remember to be frugal!

These are my fundamental rules for F2P success, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to post it here or PM me in game and I will try my best to answer them.

Re: The Secret to F2P Success Guide/Philosophy

Sat Mar 21, 2015 2:27 am

Very resourceful guide, i couldn't agree more to all these points. :D
( even tho I'm not a f2p player :roll: )

Re: The Secret to F2P Success Guide/Philosophy

Sat Mar 21, 2015 5:42 am

Thank you!, glad it helped. Spread the guide buddy!

Re: The Secret to F2P Success Guide/Philosophy

Sat Mar 21, 2015 5:49 pm

any questions?

Re: The Secret to F2P Success Guide/Philosophy

Fri Apr 10, 2015 4:53 am


Re: The Secret to F2P Success Guide/Philosophy

Fri May 01, 2015 3:05 pm

Think I joined your team? Not sure what I'm doing. (2 day old player). Dunno how to get any diamonds though. Can you add me in game. Name is Plink, level 24 I think. Username is YoloMcSwaggin13. Cheers for any help you can provide :)

Re: The Secret to F2P Success Guide/Philosophy

Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:30 am

It helps a lot. Thanks for sharing! I've been looking for the proper answer for various forums even on top1apk haha.
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