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[MASTERMIND] Goats Guide to Guilds

Mon Aug 24, 2015 6:55 pm

Goats Guide To Guilds
Hello everyone, this is ManHumpingGoat from US-S3, and today I want to help you all learn a thing or two on how to make the best of the guild system.
As many of you reading this have probably noticed, there are hundreds of guilds cropping up across all of the servers. Some have reached a legendary status, others are fighting to climb the ladder to greatness. Whether you are looking to develop a new guild to greatness, or just looking for some info on which guild to join, and what to do once you are in it, this guide is for you.

LVL 20 is when the guild system first becomes available. The guild hall becomes available and players will see all of the potential rewards available. At this point, most new lvl 20s will want to rush into a guild, or you may have aspirations to create one of your own. The best advice you can be given, is don’t rush in to things. The guild system in this game can provide you with numerous rewards that will help you progress much quicker in the game. However, joining a bad guild will only set you back. When you hit lvl 20 (Or before if you are on top of things), start asking people if they have guilds you can join and start applying to any guild you can. Be persistent, and do not settle for a guild you don’t want to be in.
The best guilds to join are the ones that consistently win the Relic Rumbles. If you are a lower lvl, apply to the guilds that win the Green colored relics, and work your way up from there. The relics provide great rewards which are added to your daily offering, so being in a guild that can claim these is one of the best benefits in the game.
Guild Creation
If you are looking to create a guild, make sure you have at least 5 active players who will join it. Having a guild of your own is all well and good, but if you don’t have help getting development points, your guild will never grow. And now with the release of the relic lord, you need a few people online at the same time as you to fight it.
Recruit Recruit Recruit. Make sure your members are trying to recruit for your guild. The guild list get very long, and no one will join your guild, if they don’t know about it. There is no such thing as too much publicity.
If you are just starting a guild, do not be picky about your members. Every member you get will help to build your guild, and when your guild is at a higher lvl, you can always kick the weak to make room for the strong.

Guild Interfaces
In the guild, there are 6 main interfaces.

The Hall
The guild hall is the most important part of a growing guild. It is where members can make their daily donations. Your donations will provide you with Contribution points, and your guild with Development points. Your contribution is your guild currency. It can be spent at the Offering, as well as the guild store. Donations can be made once per day, in one of three amounts. The amount you chose to donate is up to you. Pros and Cons of each option to follow
Gold Donation: Provides 200 Development/ 200 Contribution
This is the basic option. You will not be able to do much with the Contribution you receive from it, but every little bit helps the guild. If you are very short on diamonds, this is the way to go.
20 Diamonds: Provides 600 Development/ 400 Contribution
This is the intermediate option. Diamonds to Development this option will help your guild the most, and give you a decent amount of Contribution to spend in the store. I would recommend this as the minimum donation for a guild you are in.
200 Diamonds: Provides 1000 Development/ 2000 Contribution
This is the advanced option. While it only gives your guild 400 more development points than the intermediate option, the Contribution more than makes up for it. As your guild is developed, more and more rewards become available through the store, all of which require Contribution to purchase. If you do not have enough contribution saved up by the time you are able to purchase these items, you will find your self running short very quickly. For players who have no intentions of quitting this game, I recommend donating 200 diamonds a day to your guild. In the long run you will be grateful.
1000 Diamonds: Provides 3000 Development/ 5000 Contribution
This is the SUPER Advanced option. If you’re a heavy spender, go for it. Otherwise, the 200 diamonds is your best value
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Re: [MASTERMIND] Goats Guide to Guilds

Mon Aug 24, 2015 6:56 pm

Daily Offering
The Offering is where members can receive a bonus once a day. The bonus is available from 8:00 AM Server time, until Midnight Server time. There are only a certain number of offerings each day however, so make sure you get one before they run out. In order to increase the amount of offerings available, the guild leader must increase the lvl of the Offering hall.
OFFERINGS COST 50 CONTRIBUTION. If you are only doing gold donations, the offering will take 25% of your contribution each day.
Every day offerings will provide you with Gold, Constitution (Energy), and Reputation (Arena store currency). In addition to this, the offering will also provide you with the corresponding RELIC rewards (If your guild is good enough to claim one). Relic rewards will be available in the offering hall for the duration of time that your guild holds the relic. Which is now from when your claim the relic until 10:00 PM the following Tuesday. Save your offering on Wednesdays to receive your relic rewards 7 days a week.

The store is the most important parts of a guild, as is where you can spend your Contribution points. As your leader upgrades your store, you will have more items available for purchase, and the quality of items available will increase. There are a lot of items available in the Store, but not all of them are worth purchasing.
Having an upgraded store is a great selling point if you are a guild leader looking to increase membership in the guild. If you can offer more variety of things to purchase, you will be able to draw in higher lvl players.
It is important that you manage your contribution well. Many players may have a surplus of contribution at the beginning, and think that purchasing 5 bronze chests, and 5 bronze keys every day is worth it. It is defiantly not worth it. You paid good diamonds (or gold) for your contribution, use it well. There are very few items in the store that are actually worth purchasing. Refinement stones is what you will want to spend the majority of your Contribution on. You can purchase 55 stones a day for 20 contribution. After that the cost goes up. I recommend buying 55 a day because in the long run you need tens of thousands of them. Everything else, only buy if you need it.
The store can be a great resource if you have enough Contribution saved up. Say you are working on a new pet, and don’t feel like farming the green surge pills. Get them from the store. But don’t buy the pills and chests thinking, I might need these later, this will bankrupt you, and take away from what you really need to spend your Contribution on. The Refinement stones.
When you get up to a higher lvl and have a decent stockpile of ref stones, you may want to consider starting to purchase some stardust from the guild store. I find this to be an incredible value considering what stardust costs in the diamonds store. If you want to give your demi god a good boost, get your stardust here, and save/ spend the contribution you get from the relic lord on other things you need.

Use caution in the store. The system has recently changed to include all items of the same type in one spot. Previously you could purchase refinement stones for 20 contribution in 5 different points. Now all of them have been moved to one spot, and if you purchase more than 55 of them, the cost goes up to 40 a piece.

Relic Rumble
The Relic Rumble is were guilds get to face off against one another in a head to head match. The winner gets great rewards for the remainder of the week, while the looser gets……. Well, nothing but shame.
The relic rumble can be broken down into 2 main components. The bidding and the fighting.
The bidding process takes place during the down time between relics. During this time, the guild leader and vice chairs can bid (with development points) on a relic that they want their guild to fight in. The 2 guilds that bid the highest on each of the relics will be put into the fight. All other guilds that bid will have their development points returned to them.
In order to bid on a purple relic, your guild must be ranked in the top 50 for guild might.
To bid on the Orange relic, your guild must be in the top 10 for guild might.
The bidding process ends approximately 9 hours before the start of the fight. Which takes place at 9:00 PM server time, every Wednesday and Saturday. The relic fight is broken down into 6 individual fights, each giving a certain amount of points for the victorious team. In order to seize the relic (because just bidding won’t get you anything) you need to win enough of the fights to get more points than your opponent’s guild.

There are 3 1V1 fights in each relic and 3 3V3 fights. In order to get the points for the 1V1 matches you will need to defeat your opponent 2 times. In order to get the points for the 3V3 fights, you will need to kill a total of 4 opponents before your members die 4 times.
In the event that no one on your opponents guild shows up for the relic (and you do), you will win the match by default. All you need is one person in the room, and if no one on the opponents team shows, you get the points.
After you win the relic, the associated rewards become available in the offering immediately, and will remain accessible until your guild looses the relic (in 72 hours).

The relic lord is a relatively new addition to the guild system. The relic lord will appear every day starting at 8:45 AM. In order to fight the relic lord, you need 3 members of your guild to join a party. You then fight the boss and try to do as much dmg as you can before you die (Which you will).
Scoring- each player can record dmg for 3 sessions against the relic lord. After you have participated in 3 fights against the relic lord, you will no longer be able to start a lobby. You will still be able to join a guild members lobby, but the dmg that you do to the boss during that round will not be recorded after the round finishes. If you kill the boss in a round after you have already submitted 3 rounds of dmg, you will still get the rewards associated with killing the boss, but your total dmg will not increase. Rankings will be displayed on the left side of the screen in a similar way to the mega boss rankings.
Each guilds relic lord will start at lvl 1. It will increase in lvl as your guild progresses, and you continue to kill it, which will in term increase the rewards you can receive from it. I believe; however this has not been confirmed, that in order to lvl the relic lord, you need a certain amount of people to challenge it over the course of a day. That number of people is the boss’s current lvl. So if your relic lord is lvl 20, you need 21 guild members to challenge the boss over the course of the day before it is killed. Otherwise it will return to the same lvl the next day.

The newest addition to guilds is the Guild Bazaar. This is an alternative to the market where players can receive almost every item in the game for market crystals. This function has made it a lot easier for all players to acquire quality 26 gear shards, as well as a lot of other hard to find items.
So how exactly does it work?
It’s broken down into your individual stall, and the guild stall. Your individual stall will automatically reset at midnight. Every member of the guild starts the day with 2 refreshes. When you use your refresh, any unpurchased items will be transferred to the guild stall, where all members of your guild are given the opportunity to purchase them. When something is purchased from the guild stall, it is removed. There are different quantities of each type of item available in the bazaar. The more you purchase in bulk, the higher the price. So manage your market crystals accordingly, and remember that the regular market is still available. Try not to run yourself dry on crystals.
After your 2 free refreshes you can continue to refresh the stall using diamonds. If your guild collectively refreshes the Bazaar (using diamonds) 100 times in one day, everyone in the guild can claim a special chest filled with untold riches.
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Re: [MASTERMIND] Goats Guide to Guilds

Mon Aug 24, 2015 6:56 pm

Other Interfaces
In addition to the 6 main interfaces, the guilds have a few extra buttons on the screen.
Guild List
This will bring up a list of every single guild on your server (If you scroll down far enough). You can scroll through the list to see the guild lvl, the guilds Leader (PM him to ask about joining), the amount of members, and the guilds slogan.
This is where you can apply for a guild. Scroll through the list, find one that appeals to you, and apply.
You can apply to 3 guilds at any given time. If you wish to remove your application from a guild, it can be done from here.
This is available only to guild leaders and Vice Chairs. From here there are three sub menus.
Guild Slogan (Leader Only)- changes the slogan seen in the guild list
Member Verification- Brings you to the “Verify” part of the “Members” tab. See Below.
Disband (Leader Only)- pretty straight forward.
This will show you all of the members in your guild. It shows basic information about the members including:
Guild Rank (Member, Elite, Vice chair, Leader), Character lvl, Might , Contribution (Total and Remaining)

Beside each member there is also a “Manage” button, which brings up 6 options.
-Add Friend
-Private Chat
-View (View character card)
-Assign (Guild leader only) This allows the leader to promote players within the guild.
-Kick (Leader and Vice Chairs only) This allows management to kick players out of the guild.
-Resign (Leader only) THIS PASSES THE LEADERSHIP OF THE GUILD TO ANOTHER PLAYER. There is a 2 step process for this, but many players have accidently Resigned their position of guild leader to a player they wanted to kick, because it is not described properly. Be very very careful with this option.

There is also a button on the bottom right of this interface that says "Guild Mail"
This is for the Guild Leader only, and any messages sent will be delivered to all members mailbox's.

There is a Verify tab in this interface also. This allows guild management to accept new members to the guild. A list of members who applied will be shown, and management can choose to accept them or refuse them.
An "AUTO-JOIN" selection is also available. This will make it so that any members who apply are automatically accepted to the guild. This is not a good feature for higher lvl guilds, but it is excellent for guilds that are just starting off, and in need of members.

This is a direct channel into the guild chat. Instead of having to exit the guild interface, and open the chat menu, then select the guild chat, this just brings you right there.
The news keeps track of what is going on in your guild. It will display when members are removed from the guild, accepted to the guild, and promoted/ demoted within the guild.
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Re: [MASTERMIND] Goats Guide to Guilds

Mon Aug 24, 2015 6:58 pm


I have been working on this guide for much longer than I care to admit, but things kept getting in the way of it's completion (Including a revamp of the guild system).
I will be continuing to edit this guide over the course of the week with some more information, and of course many pictures to help simplify things.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Re: [MASTERMIND] Goats Guide to Guilds

Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:55 pm

Great work Goat! was a good read, must have taken some time to type all that

Keep up the good work!

Edit: I wanted to mention one thing, I can't donate the 200 diamonds since it states that it requires VIP2.

Re: [MASTERMIND] Goats Guide to Guilds

Wed Sep 09, 2015 1:55 pm

Great Guide!! Thanks for the input. But I'm now wondering how guild rankings are set? I'm on the CA-S4 Chaos server and we have 3 lvl 20 guilds sitting up top. How are the guilds ranked as 1,2,3 if they are all lvl 20 guilds? Is it the combined might of its members? or are the store and offering lvl's considered as well? or ultimately its just alphanumeric?

Re: [MASTERMIND] Goats Guide to Guilds

Wed Sep 09, 2015 1:56 pm

I assume it's based on who first reachted that lvl? thats whith almost all thinkgs in Tachi Panda I believe.

Re: [MASTERMIND] Goats Guide to Guilds

Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:02 pm

I assumed that as well until recently the #3 guild got into #2 but both guilds are lvl 20 guilds....

Re: [MASTERMIND] Goats Guide to Guilds

Fri Sep 11, 2015 7:28 pm

And of course, the day I'm getting ready to update this, everything changes again.
Murphy's law at it's finest.
This will remain Not Completed for a while longer I guess.

Re: [MASTERMIND] Goats Guide to Guilds

Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:58 pm

Updated to include new features.
I will add some pics shortly, but this is more or less good to go now.

Please let me know if anyone finds any errors, outdated, or irreverent information.
Also anything I may have missed. :o

But most of all
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