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[Official] READ HERE FIRST - F.A.Q. List

Mon Aug 31, 2015 6:56 pm

Good news, everyone!


This will be a list of the frequently asked questions in this general help forum! I know people will still find themselves posting before reading this anyway, so if any of you want to be helpful - you can always just copy and paste the answer from here and pass that along as well!

*If you would like to suggest a question to be added, please PM me!*

It's great that so many members of this forum have an extensive knowledge to help others, but there is very little of us who can do much regarding technical problems.

If you are experiencing any hardware issues and problems with payments or topping up, it is better to contact our support team through email: Try to provide as much detail as possible within the email, including your account name, character name and server. If relevant, include the device you're using and the system on which it is running. Any screenshots or proof of payments/receipts you may have help as well!



Q: I have connection issues! (Network errors/lagging/freezing)! HELP!
A: Okay, very similar to hardware issues - this could be something that is out of our hands here on the forums. However, here is a list of things you should check and try out before sending in an email to our support team at If you've tried all this, there probably isn't much we can do on our end here so be sure to contact support then!

1. Test your internet connection, whether it's wifi or cellular data, make sure it's stable. Try connecting to different connections to test this.
2. Make sure your location has a stable connection! Move around! Try new locations!
3. Does your device have enough storage? Make sure it has enough memory too. If you have an older device, this could be an issue as it might have trouble supporting the game.
4. Clear your background applications! Sometimes running too many or higher usage apps can cause problems.
5. Restarting your device
6. Restarting the game
7. Reinstalling the game

Q: I can’t find my character!
A: Please make sure you're on the right account and using the correct login! There are a number of ways to log in – including Facebook, Google, email, or an automatically generated account name. If you are sure of the right account, you might be logging in the wrong server!

If you cannot remember your server, here's a tool you can use to find your server: ... index.html

Q: I can’t reforge my item.
A: Please make sure you do not have rare exalts on your item. Try deleting them or replace them with green ones (don’t forget to check the treasury) or buy a transfer pill in the diamond store to put the exalts on another item (must be transferred to the same kind, so from a ring to a ring).

Q: Can I transfer my character to another server?
A: Sadly, no. We do not currently support character transfers through servers! Sorry.

Q: How can I change my class to a different one?
A: There are class changes cards for 1/7/30/360 days. After the duration of your class change is up, it will switch you back to your original class. There is currently no card for a permanent change. You can purchase them through the guild bazaar/store.

The "Stop Class Change Card" that costs 2,000 diamonds from the item store will switch you back to your original class, before the time limit is over.

Q: I accidentally passed the guild leadership to someone else! How do I get it back?
A: Guild leadership is automatically passed down to the next player with the highest contribution points in the guild after 7 days of inactivity. You can try asking the player with lead to give it back or wait it out.

Tip to prevent this from happening is to be careful on what you're clicking confirm to! Read descriptions and make sure you know what's happening before accepting. Being a click-a-holic is tempting but reading before clicking will save you many times! Guild leadership (either resigning or disbanding) is a 2 step process, so a great prevention from this ever happening, is to not confirm without reading!

Q: When will something be in store/timed pets? (Cutie pie, Captain Sam)
A: As much as we all would love to know this, the best we can do is to be patient and look out for any news on the bulletins and in-game!

Q: Why don't my Facebook sharing rewards work?
A: We are aware that the Facebook Share function does not work for some players. This problem is currently under review by the development team and will be fixed a near update! For now, here's a possible solution:

Please make sure that your Facebook allows Taichi Panda to share content. Go to System > Friends > Facebook friends > Invite. You should receive a request to choose which content you can share on Facebook. After choosing this (and allowing Taichi Panda to share), please try again to share the achievements.

Q: Why is the Undead Sam pet so overpowered?
A: We understand it can be frustrating to deal with this pet, however, it is quite doable to deal with! His attacks are quite slow and he doesn’t have any movement abilities. If you run in circles around him, he will not be able to hit you. Try to take out his pets, or deal damage to him using your movement skills. Beware of his ‘wave’ attack as this can slow you. Another good strategy is to use the Borik transformation and run around him, while using your first ability to dash to him and deal good damage.

Q: Why can't I level up my Demigod?
A: Demigods can only be unlocked starting from character level 50. You can level it twice per character level. So at level 50 you can level your demigod to 1 and 2. At level 51 you can level your demigod to levels 3 and 4... and so on!

Q: I’ve seen a player with Wings, how do I get them?
A: You can get wings by ‘topping up’ (buying diamonds with real money). With your first top-up of any quantity, you will receive a First Top-up Reward, including Large Constitution Pills, 150,000 Gold, and a set of Wings! These wings, when equipped, will allow you to get an HP drain – meaning you’ll regain health with each Basic Attack you land on enemies. This set is the most basic in the game, upgrade to higher VIPs to get better wings!

Q: How do I "top-up"/How do I level my VIP?
A: Along the right side of the menu, there is a button labeled “Store”. In that menu, you will be able to see optional packages for making In-App Purchases. With your purchase, you will gain Diamonds, as well as VIP experience which will allow you to upgrade your VIP level and access even more privileges.

Be sure that you have a solid internet connection when topping-up to avoid any problems. The charges will be sent to your iTunes / Google Play account, with relevant taxes applied.

Q: I didn’t get my wings! Where are they?
A: Your wings are in the VIP boxes. You can buy the VIP boxes from the GOODIES section of the diamond store.

Q: How much do I pay to reach certain “VIP” levels?
A: Below, we’ve prepared an easy chart to show how much money will get you to a certain VIP level. Note: all quantities are listed in USD. This is based on standard prices, not extra experience earned from special promotions.

VIP 1 – 4.99 USD, and gets you Quality 16 Wings!
VIP 2 – 16.5 USD
VIP 3 – 66 USD
VIP 5 – 165 USD, and gets you Quality 18 Wings!
VIP 6 – 330 USD
VIP 7 – 660 USD, and gets you Quality 20 Wings!
VIP 8 - 1650 USD
VIP 9 – 3300 USD, and get you Quality 25 Wings!

In addition to wings, higher levels of VIP will get you privileges like increased daily spending in the store, larger bag space, and more daily level attempts!

Q: How do the different cards work? The Monthly, Seasonal, and Yearly cards? And what about the Super Daily Card?
A: These cards are special deals you can use in order to get awesome daily rewards of Diamonds! By purchasing a given card, you will receive a specific amount of a daily reward of Diamonds for that duration – a month, a season (3 months), or a year (12 months). These Diamonds must be claimed in the Achievements section every day, or they will be lost.

The Super Daily Card is a new top-up card added with the latest update. This card, with purchase, will give you a Daily reward of 100 Diamonds FOREVER. The Super Daily Card can also stack with the other cards, allowing you to get even more daily Diamonds if you have both.


Thanks for reading!
**Special thanks to Vuurbal <3
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