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Sell account 50€

Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:31 pm

Sell acc lvl 91 vip 4, 775k might eu s1 . 50€

+230m gold
+7m siderite
+150/250 dias per day
All gear ref 9
4 items q34
Divine book( talisman)
Hades evo 15 + deadly mark lvl 6 +enhanced
Nezha enhanced evo 14 + rare skill
(+6 pets ,+10evo )
Ultra skills + 30 ( orange exalt skill)
Demigod bird lvl +60
Full q28 runes lvl 90 ( q32 core and 3 q26)
XP Obr +1m exp
Squads = Wind clan
2 mounts , sparkfang and fireborn

And more. Line id : lev09

Re: Sell account 50€

Thu Jun 23, 2016 6:29 am

Greetings to Taichi Panda players,

Taichi Panda accounts are the private property of each individual player. Players have invested a great amount of time and/or money in each account; therefore, Snail Games does not support “Account Trading” between players.

We recently found instances of players selling their accounts to other players, and then claiming their accounts were hacked. In further researching these instances, we found that these Account Seller players tried to reclaim their accounts. This led to the Account Buyer players losing their money and accounts. As this was a private transaction, Snail Games has no way of verifying the transaction in question and is unable to provide support.

Therefore, Snail Games does not support Account Trading between players, and is not responsible for any losses caused by Account Trading. Please use extra caution and be aware of this activity in the future.

Best Regards,
Customer Support
Snail Games USA
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