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Introduce Yourself!

Tue May 19, 2015 8:59 pm

Hey guys and welcome to the Introduce yourself thread!
Instead of being complete strangers to one another, let's introduce ourselves to get to know each other and have a warm welcome as well as to be fully accepted into the awesome community of Taichi Panda foruuuums <3.

So of course I'll be starting first to introduce myself and you could as well follow a format or go free style if you would like.

Salutations everyone! SylarX here better known as Sylar in game.
I only play in one server which is Swordsman server and I'm around level 44.
I've been playing for around 3weeks probably(not so sure).

I've been a gamer since the age of 5 :D I started with the gameboy then with the ps1 and so on and so fort, I usually play lots of mmorpg games but recently there aren't much that are fun to play with so I'm stuck with MOBA games such as league of legends or dota 2, and please never let me play horror games... I would scream and probably make you deaf at the same time, I'm not good with those hahaha.

I'm quite a relax kinda guy and likes chatting with people, who knows! we might be best buddies in just 2hours of talking only :P
I'm currently 19 years old and a dude incase you wanted to know.
you could ask me anything if you want to know more stuff but of course nothing personal :P hehehe.

Feel free to introduce yourselves or what so ever you please to do :D make it long or short,anyway you want it to be. I'll welcome you guys with open arms(sadly not with constitution pills)

Re: Introduce Yourself!

Fri May 29, 2015 9:53 pm

I am Starlett of server Bladeborn. I am level 63.

My username is an adaptation of my actual name, Scarlett. Alike you, I played game boy, Nintendo and PS1, though considering I mainly played Nintendogs, I'm not sure if I could have been called a gamer.

I am a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls series, and that along with Civilisation V are among the few PC games I play.

I have been playing Taichi Panda for a few months.

Re: Introduce Yourself!

Sun May 31, 2015 7:43 pm

Hey :)

I'm Cati from EU Breach, a level 52 foxmage and one of the VCs in the guild Elite.

Used to be an alt-a-holic in WoW (I had 2 subbed accounts at one point 'cause 10 disc priests weren't quite enough!), and have played other MMOs like RIFT and SWToR. Other favourite games include Animal Crossing, anything Prof. Layton, Burnout and Halo CE. First experience of computer games was on a BBC micro as a kid, loved Chuckie Egg and Repton, and was incredibly good at crashing into planets and getting shot up by space cops in Elite :D Now I mostly play mobile games, with my 360 being used pretty much exclusively for NetFlix :| (until I get a proper TV, anyhow)

Re: Introduce Yourself!

Thu Jun 11, 2015 12:11 pm

Hey there!

My name is iKoneko :D
It comes from Koneko Toujou from the Anime Highschool DxD, she has the same birthday as me and I fancy her :oops:

I'm lvl 48 and coming from the server US-S19 Panda.
I'm part of the guild HighSociety led by Seven, Elite ranked and the guild is ranked 1st in the server :s

I always played games on the pc but I fell in love with mobile gaming, I simply loved to play on my iPad with a touchscreen.

I come from The Netherlands, it's in Europe ;)
I like socalizing so please, PM me if you feel like talking to me :D

I love watching Anime!
I've watched so many Anime, I just love Anime :roll:

I like doing sports because i'm good at it and i dislike school :|

Don't have anything else to say :s
Haha :lol:

Re: Introduce Yourself!

Sat Jun 20, 2015 6:40 am

Hey i'm hexx 22 romania playing on eu 17 fearless lvl 49 ing ☆firefox☆ it's a good game to lose your time and get fun big up ! I love rock music and playing mmorpg games
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