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US S51-S54 -_Beacon_- Seeking active players

Thu Dec 01, 2016 7:01 pm

Hey warriors! I'm Blake (-_Blake_- in game), Guild Leader of -_Beacon_-. We are a young Guild, but not one without history. I'm original nally from Garja and Sylvan Depths, and remember how things were in the beginning. Back then i had some great mentors and comrades. Then, we understood that passing our skills and techniques on to new players was essential to the continued strength of our server, guild, and comrades. We stood up for new players, gave them a place to learn and grow as new players. As they honed their skills, bonds of trust, loyalty, and friendship formed that endure even now. Diamonds were not our concern then, our guild was. It is these values that we at -_Beacon_- hope to recapture and teach. We do not put up with disrespect or disloyalty. Also, if you are here for mercenary reasons, please move on. This not the guild for mercs.

To us, every player has potential. With that there are no Might pre-reqs for membership. All we ask is you be active and you contribute to the guild.

Every applicant must answer two questions:

1). Whar does being in a guild mean to you?


2)What drives you to bevome stronger?

If you can answer these and feel -_Beacon_- is a fit for you, Please contact me here via private message, or in
game as -_Blake_-

Thank you, and the door is open.

Re: US S51-S54 -_Beacon_- Seeking active players

Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:09 pm

I want to join
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