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Something Worth Fighting For

Wed May 03, 2017 12:05 pm

Brothers and sisters, Warriors.... I come before you today with a vision and a purpose; something worth fighting for. I'm from S1 originally. Many of you knew me back at launch as Kagehana. I lost someone dear to me, and took a break before returning to TP on a new server for a fresh start. Since then I have witnessed what Elitist mindsets and arrogant bullying has done to the very idea of what it is to be a guild. In November myself and a group of trusted friends came together to recapture the way a guild should be. We have kept our purpose and true mission close to our chests. But no longer

We want to share our vision, our mission with any that will listen. We do not ask for commitment via attendance. All we ask is you hear us out. After that, what you with that information is up to you

It's time for a summit

The event will be held in Line Chat

(App available at:

The Event will be at 8:30 PM Est on Friday May 5th and will not interfere with day 2 of League

If you are interested please message kage_natsume on Line Chat for further details.

Guild Leader
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