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[Event Submissions] Heroes of Avzar Save the Earth

Fri Apr 22, 2016 7:04 pm


Submissions for the Heroes of Avzar Save the Earth event may be made here. This thread will be heavily moderated, only compliments and submissions will be tolerated. If your submission is valid, you will be eligible to win prizes!
To enter the Heroes of Avzar Save the Earth contest:

1. Submit an original picture that shows you showing some love for our Earth!

2. Every submission must include a placard of your IGN and Server clearly visible on the picture itself!

3. We will not be accepting digitally altered submissions

4. The event will run from April 22, 2016 1:00PM PST to April 29, 2016 11:59AM PST!

- All submissions must include your IGN and Server somewhere on the picture itself

Remember to follow our rules and requirements when taking pictures (and stick with our Code of Conduct policies!). As long as you’ve got that, feel free to get creative! Pictures of recycling, gardening, cleaning up parks and everything Earth friendly in between!


This is an example of the pictures we're looking for! Something that supports keeping our Earth a great place to live!

How to Enter:
1. Submit an original picture that shows you showing some love for our Earth! (See above for an example)
2. Upload your entry here or Facebook!
3. Must have a physical placard with your IGN (in-game name) and server on photos.
Your entry is NOT valid without this step.

10 Random Eligible Submissions will be considered for the following prize:
Advance Exp Card*5

NOTE: Players who are over Lv 100 will be unable to use this prize

1. All entries must be in accordance with our Code of Conduct policy.
2. Snail Games USA staff will select the winner(s).
3. Snail Games USA reserves the right to deny any entry.
4. One entry/submission per person.

The Taichi Panda Community team reserves the right to disqualify submissions from receiving rewards. Reasons for disqualification include, but are not limited to:
    - Inappropriate language in post
    - Trolling or harassment of other submissions
    - Failure to provide valid account info
Show us your love for the Earth, Heroes of Avzar!
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