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Ask Panda Anything Ep 2 - Questions

Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:56 am

It's Wednesday, and as we get geared up and super excited for the Taichi Panda iOS US/UK launch tomorrow, we wanted to announce the second episode of our dev diary series, Ask Panda Anything!

In this special community feature, we give you - the adoring, slobbering, can't hold yourself back fans of Taichi Panda - the opportunity to ask questions of the Taichi Panda development team.

Got a feature you don't understand? Ask Panda Anything!
Interested in learning about future plans for the game? Ask Panda Anything!
Want to know when the game will come out for Android? Well... that one maybe stop asking...

Here's how this will work:

1. Starting today - March 3rd - post your questions in this thread. You can ask questions about anything you want, just be sure to abide by our forum rules of conduct.

2. On March 11th we will lock the topic and collect the questions. The questions will go before the devs and we'll get the answers.

3. On Friday the 13th (ooh, spooky!), we will release the answers to your questions straight from the panda's mouth as a news article on our website.

So get cracking with those questions, and Ask Panda Anything!

Re: Ask Panda Anything Ep 2 - Questions

Thu Mar 05, 2015 2:42 pm

Hey there devs!

1) Guild vs Guild PVP
Are there any plans for this in the future? Will it be cross server? I say this because I noticed a tooltip while the game was loading up that mentioned cross server team instance groups.

2) Abusing PVP forfeits
You can currently forfeit a PVP match at any time and only lose 1 point, while the winner still gains the full amount. This causes a huge gap between the top ranked players and those below, as even when they lose, their rank barely drops. Are there any plans to fix this? Is it working as intended?

3) New wing sets
Is anything in the works for new wing sets that don't require purchases with real money? I was thinking maybe a set of PVP wings for ranking in the top 3 of the month, or perhaps after completing 500 team instances. Basically new wings that don't need players to spend large amounts of real money to obtain.


Re: Ask Panda Anything Ep 2 - Questions

Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:03 pm

Hi almighty Panda!

I have a few random questions about the game:

- Will there be an automatic mode for the Story mode (Scenes) once you are inside a dungeon? Sort of like the Arena where you can decide to manually/automatically fight.
- Will we have some new type of dungeon? Gold, Survive and Elite are great. I can only imagine what could come next!
- I feel like there could be a better notification system for Private Chat. I don't always have the chat panel open, and that made me miss a few Private messages.
- Will we have choices of new avatar? As of now, everyone has the default 3 avatar based on your class.
- Can we have the option to copy/past in Chat? It would be quite useful to copy/past the answer on how to become VIP, get Wings or join a guild... ;)
- We want chat Timestamp! It is a must! :)


Re: Ask Panda Anything Ep 2 - Questions

Tue Mar 10, 2015 5:10 pm


1.what is Net Damage in Attribute section?
2. what is the Electric Effect of weapons?

thank you

Re: Ask Panda Anything Ep 2 - Questions

Tue Mar 10, 2015 5:28 pm

1. Will there be regular updates and new stuff coming out? Such as armor/weapons, bosses, etc.
2.Will the instanced and pvp lag be fixed?
3.Will there be guild vs guild pvp?

Re: Ask Panda Anything Ep 2 - Questions

Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:28 pm

1. Will there be guild wars?
2. Will there be new characters coming in the near future ex. archer, mages, beastmaster, rogue, priest?
3. Will you devs add capture the flag in battleground?
4. Will you devs add trade with players in the game?
5. Will you devs add achievement title in the game?

Lastly, can you devs add server time? it would be great. :D

One more thing, will you guys add new skills to the current characters?
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Re: Ask Panda Anything Ep 2 - Questions

Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:46 am

Got a few questions:
1. How much do I have to "top up" in order to get the First Top-up Reward of the wings?
2. What does Siderite do?
3. How does the Star Merging thing work? Are the stats that you gain completely random? Is there a way to increase your chance of getting a good stat or choosing?
I'd love to hear your answers whenever you can respond.
Thanks, I really enjoy the game and I'm looking forward to future updates!

Re: Ask Panda Anything Ep 2 - Questions

Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:41 pm

1-When the game come to Android Release Worldwide,US etc..??
2-We get some reward on the Release Android Worldwide(US, etc.)??

Re: Ask Panda Anything Ep 2 - Questions

Wed Mar 11, 2015 3:56 pm

Is it possible to add a feature where you can preview an item when all you have is one of its shards? For example, if I just found a shard of a new item I have never heard of before in the Market and I click on it, all it tells me is that I can combine 20 of them to make an item, but it never actually tells me anything about that item. How can I make a decision about whether or not to buy those shards in the market if I can see the item itself?

Re: Ask Panda Anything Ep 2 - Questions

Fri Mar 13, 2015 3:15 am


what does the 4th skill "Avatar" of Paladin pet do ?

at first, i thought that it will let my character become immune to negative buff like Silence,...
However, it doesn't work at all. I am still got silent by the skill of Boxer pet

please explain

thank you :mrgreen:
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