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Bulletin of Punishments For Cheating Players 10.22-10.23

Fri Oct 23, 2015 11:49 am

Greetings players,

We have found more exploitative players and illegal acquisition of diamonds by those players. Below, we have provided a list of the accounts that we have found to be illegally acquiring diamonds and using to boost their character strength unfairly to the detriment of honest players.

Once again we need to emphasize this type of activity is not tolerated, as it is damaging to a fair and just gaming environment. As a result, we have moved to freeze and ban those accounts.

If your account is on this list and has been frozen for wrongdoing that you believe to be incorrect, you may contact our support team to raise an objection and state your case within 7 days. Emails can be sent to

To all other players, please be sure to report suspicious activity, especially ill-gotten gains of Diamonds through exploits, to our support team. By stemming this behavior, we as a community of those who are passionate about Taichi Panda can ensure a better game environment for all.

Best regards,
The Taichi Panda Support Team
2015.10.23 top up fraud.png
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