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Panda 'Round the World!

Mon Dec 14, 2015 7:40 am

Hello all you pandas from exciting places! We've been so blessed to have an amazing community of players scattered across the world, and we're very excited to announce a special new event for all our international players - the Panda 'Round the World program!


As many of you realize, Taichi Panda is constantly expanding its playable languages, and we'd like the help of you the players to make sure that our community continues to reach unprecedented levels of awesomeness!

To do this, we are recruiting partners from within the community from around the world to help run special community fan pages on social media. Those who are chosen to join the program will help our community team to set up and run Facebook community fan pages in their own native tongue for their regions community. In exchange, these international Panda ambassadors will receive a reward in Diamonds.

If you think you've got the skills and want to help support the Taichi Panda community effort in your home region, contact us at with the following info in order to be eligible for selection:

    Location and Native Language
    In-game Name and Server
    # of months in Taichi Panda
    Any relevant experience with social media or game community management

Include all this info in your email and we will be in touch about possible partnerships.

Selected partners will be eligible to receive the following rewards:

    Completion of Page: 500 Diamonds
    Page reaching 500+ likes: 500 Diamonds
    Weekly Salary while page is in operation: 250 Diamonds

Submit your application to us by email today and help spread Taichi Panda to every corner of the world!
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