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[Event]: Dream Pets!

Wed Jan 20, 2016 7:38 pm


Pets are an adventurer's BEST friend! Let's see what your best friends look like!

I know many of you enjoy the journey fighting alongside great pets like Undead Capt'n Sam, Borik, Boxer and Skeleton King — but we want to see what your ideal pets would be! Draw or make an image of your DREAM pet! What pet do you envision following you around in battles or winning you PVP? We'd like to see it!

You can take a picture of your hand-drawn pet as long as you include your IGN (in-game name) and server somewhere in the picture (can be a placard or written on the drawing).

If you'd like to submit a digitized copy of the image, you still need to include a picture of the physical hand-drawn copy with a placard or IGN/server written on the page in a separate image.

Submissions will be through our Taichi Panda forums and must follow all rules and requirements, including the forum's Code of Conduct.

Event Details:

Event Duration: January 20th 12:30 pm PDT - January 28th 12:30 pm PDT
Event Servers: All Servers

How to Enter:
1. Draw your DREAM pet that you'd love to have in Taichi Panda! Take a picture of it with your In-game name and server written somewhere in the picture (can be a separate piece of paper or on the drawing). **SEE #4 IF YOU WANT TO DO A DIGITAL COPY**
2. Upload your entry to our submissions thread/forum:

3. Include your in-game name and server or your entry is NOT valid.
4. IF YOU WANT TO SUBMIT A DIGITIZED COPY OF YOUR IMAGE: You still need to include a separate picture of the physical hand-drawn copy with a placard or IGN/server written somewhere on the picture.

All eligible submissions (must follow all rules and requirements) will receive a small participation award of a surge pill chest.

One winner will be selected by the community team to receive an Orange Skill Book Chest and have their picture posted onto our social media pages!

1. All entries must be in accordance with our Code of Conduct policy.
2. Snail Games USA staff will select the winner(s).
3. Snail Games USA reserves the right to deny any entry.
4. One entry/submission per person.

Make your wildest dreams come true — what pet(s) did you ALWAYS want to travel Avzar with?

Re: [Event]: Dream Pets!

Fri Jan 29, 2016 6:37 pm

Congratulations to our WINNER of this event! Scarlett form US-33 Diamond!

Yay! Amazing design!
Please expect your prize (an orange skill book chest) within the next few weeks (sorry for the delay, but the Chinese New Year holiday is coming up! It's a big deal for us!) and anyone with an eligible submission — meaning your entry followed ALL the rules — will be receiving a reward of a surge pill chest too!

**Note: If your entry did not follow all the rules and requirements, you will not receive a participation reward. If you feel yours did and you did not receive a reward, please feel free to PM me.

Thank you all again for participating and drawing up some awesome pets! Can't wait to see your efforts in the next event ;)
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