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Pandas and pvp

Tue Jul 14, 2015 6:36 pm

Unless i am missing something and i apologize in advance if that is true...i do not understand how this class stands a chance against all the other classes. Assuming similar gear, runes and refinements this has to be the worst class in pvp by a mile.

Parry break value is under half that of warriors and mages, 4th skill cooldown is 25 secs and doesnt do much, tumble can be used only for evade because i can never hit anything with it. I also got frozen by the auto of a mage while tumbling. Seems the only way for this class to succeed in pvp, is to have 7 sets of orange runes. What am i missing?

Also how is it possible that mages who are ranged class and now have increased attack speed (!), to parry break harder than a class that relies on being close to the opponent? This sounds unreal to me.

These are my...lets call them...mysteries, to be polite, maybe someone with skill in pvp can show me how i am wrong. Because i do not see it. To me this is BY FAR the worst class in pvp. And to me, the only reason pandas are present in top 10 in pvp is because of the money they spend in this game.

Re: Pandas and pvp

Tue Jul 14, 2015 7:05 pm

well i havent had but a 3 week experience in this game.... playing on s30 treasure... Im currently running foxmage and panda both level 40, mage is higher might in the 70kish and the panda is lagging behind by 60ishk... but i can say this I win about the same on both and loose the same...try playing the panda like you do a mage caster class in a mmo.... a kiting style of play think of him being a paper cannon i promise if you do this you will see wins... i love foxmages tele but if u play the panda right u can use his leaps just like the teles in and out catching players after they cast huge skills weaving in and out of the pillars.... Ive noticed alot of players in this game go right into the battle and no strategy whatsoever to pvp and battlegrounds last night i ate a team up... they killed all my teammates but i kited and waited for there lil cap'n pet to stop shooting cannons and swepted right in 2 teles one there way another back the other way (they didnt know where to go) boom one by one they fell... these players were all mid 40s with a prolly 10k might over me... anyhow if you need some advice just message me... i may be new to this game but not new to mmo's... Im always down for a conversation in strategies whichever class it may be... hit me up! :D :D :D

Re: Pandas and pvp

Tue Jul 14, 2015 7:06 pm

oh btw ive spent a totally of 10 dollars on this game... 5 bucks on my mage and 5 on my panda for the wings of course =)

my fox runs monkey pet and pyro bull both purp(+1) and then the starting panda and the paladin

my panda is basically same set up minus monkey... i cant get away from the pryo bull tho the amount of time this pet lasts and the stuns and parry break is insane especially on a fast hitting panda

also i run a green dragon for the 50% dmg reduction but i am gonna chance this... this pet does not last.... maybe at higher lvls but for now.... just noo... not worth the slot imho

Re: Pandas and pvp

Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:02 pm

Try to compete against some friends without pets. Remove all pets and possibly have the same quality runes and similar-ish level to make things equal. I already did this several times and i am very curios to see your results as well. To compare them to mine. I also do not know what level you are, but i feel this becomes more of a problem at high levels. I am level 60 now.

Also try your mage against pandas and the other way around. With all things as equal as possible. Otherwise it makes no sense.
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Re: Pandas and pvp

Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:05 pm

Silence with Panda. Transform into Sam. Start blasting. Switch to Borik and Ice Phoenix and let them clean up while you melt parry with Sam.

That's how I pvp with any class. If you can land that first silence you have a good chance even if you're lower might/level. Sam is so OP you can do this even if he's zero evolution.

I'm not a top pvp'er or anything but this keeps me in the top 200 to keep those tokens for Borik coming.

Re: Pandas and pvp

Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:07 pm

You are missing the point...i am not talking about Sam being OP or any pets, i am talking strictly about the class itself.

Re: Pandas and pvp

Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:43 pm

Well if you don't transform into Sam or Borik you're mostly going to lose because almost everyone else does. But back to your original point I have no problem with Panda against any class. I run two accounts. One panda I spend $ on and it's fairly powerful and one I don't and it's below average might. Both do okay against foxmage. I don't always win but I'm not constantly owned either. When they break your parry, yes you're doomed. But if you move a lot you can get in and do the same to them. Keep practicing you'll figure out how to hold your own.

Re: Pandas and pvp

Tue Jul 14, 2015 10:28 pm

Im in top 20 in pvp now and last week i was top 10. I know how to hold my own and i been doing that, that is until this last update. Especially against mages.

On a side note, this is like the 5th Battle Royale i been in, in which a l61 mage gets over 30 kills, yet ive only seen l71+ pandas get more than 20 kills. Idk, to me this is ridiculous. And i know Battle Royale and pvp are different things, but i feel that something has been broken here. The frail equilibrium which was already against pandas is gone too.

Re: Pandas and pvp

Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:23 am

The Fox mage was such an easy PvP win as long as you didn't die vs their Borik/Sam transformation. She was terrible for pvp cause she couldn't break parry so you could attack and run at her with no worries of being parry broken. What good is range attack if you're running to avoid being parry broke? I think it's just you haven't adjusted to the changes, they aren't game breaking changes here. All the classes in the game are dangerous in their own way. I personally don't fear mages like I do the melee classes. Try the harpy, I swear I'm the only harpy user in the game.

Re: Pandas and pvp

Thu Jul 16, 2015 5:38 am

I feel like the Panda is a great PVP class. There's a lot of higher leveled skilled Panda players on my server. Pandas are the ones that jump around the most, and I find, are next to Treasure Hunter in trying to land a hit.

Parry Break is only one style of PVP, but I haven't seen a Panda go for the PB style. Warrior is faster than TH in PB, but I don't hardly ever see PB Warriors. Everyone always PB's on TH or Mage, and now most likely Gunslinger.
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