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Class Action Suzhou Snail Digital Technology Co., Ltd

Wed May 24, 2017 4:10 am

It has been discovered through testing performed by programmers and individuals that write code for online games run via server access tht Suzhou Snail Digital Technology Co., Ltd (Snail Gaming) has been purposely and systematically decreasing their players character stats ie; (Dmg, Net Dmg, Critcal Hit, Pet Skill Effects like Skeleton Kings "Ethereal Scorn") in order to make the player seem weaker vs. other opponents than his actual stats show he should be.

Example: Two players of 2M might. Player A has 2.3M might and Player B has 2.1M might.

Player A's equipment Damage 580k
*Full Titan w/36 discovery Refine 10 x5, Refine 14 Weapon/Ring in 5 slots and Ultimate discovery in 2 slot (Full grand fortify)
*Radiant wings, Refine12, Ascension 9, discovery x3
*Rune Stones lvl34 x5 @100, 2x 36 @100
*Star Stones 5 V Vibrant stones and 3 V Angst Stones
*Armor Night Quality 30

Player B's equipment (player from server S57) Damage 520k
*Titan Armor,Ring Refine 13, Boots,Bracers Refine Boots 9 discovery 36 (no ultimate) (no Grand fortify)
*Champion Helm, Weapon,Necklace Ref15 discovery 36
*Glory Wings Ref15, Ascension 10, discovery x1, Grand Fortify (Crit)
*Rune Stones 5 x lvl32 @100, 2x 36 @65
*Star Stones 8 V Vibrant Stones
*Armor Helfire body, Icy Shadow lvl30

BOTH players are mage and setup cross server match to test skill damage
**Player B uses tornado vs Player A** without hades mark Player A takes 35% damage
**Player A uses tornado vs Player B** w/o Hades mark Player B takes 5% damage
(Players test using tornado skill 4 times out each playing 3 matches) so 12 times each tornado skill
(Player A with superior equip, damage, rune stones, outfit stats, ancient exalts, Full Grand Fortify out of 12 tornadoes used vs Player B did a max of 5% dmg per hit whereas Player B with lesser equip, stats did 35% per tornado attack)

The reason for this breakdown:
Player A: Tops up account atleast twice per week.
Player B: Has stopped topping up for 3months.

(Snail Gaming) realises that Player A continues to Top Up to improve character might/power to win vs other players close in might. So to keep Player A topping up Snail Gaming FRAUDULENTLY via its programming code for its players accounts reduces the players actual stat effectiveness to make the player believe he stills need to Top Up because he hasn't become strong enough to beat players even when those players have 90% inferior stats/equipment.
Whereas Player B tht hasn't topped up for 3months and Snail Gaming system knows this, doesn't care to Fraudulently adjust Player B's character because it serves no monetary purpose for them to do so.
This is plagues many many players across ALL SERVERS. Many complaints have been made due to Players/Customers paying via Top-Ups and not receiving to TRUE Character boost that they are paying for. Snail Gaming is scamming its player base into continuing to Top-Up under the false belief that they're characters needs more and more Top-Ups bonuses in order to compete in game.

A Class action Lawsuit is been drawn up and plaintiffs are being interviewed and qualified to join the suit. Snail Gaming will be held accountable for Defrauding their player base.

Re: Class Action Suzhou Snail Digital Technology Co., Ltd

Thu May 25, 2017 1:26 am


Dear player. Sorry for your complaint.
You may please know that the items you buy, the combine method you use and your class and etc will influence your might and the fight outcome. You may please have more tries and communicate with other top players. Besides, we will report your complaint to developers. They will work hard to improve this. Please contact our mailbox: with more detail if you still have issue. We will do a further check when we receive your reply.

Thanks a lot for support and have a good day!

Best regards,
Snail Customer Support
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