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Punishment for Using Hacking Programs in Tai Chi Panda

Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:03 am

Greetings Adventurers!

There we found some players using hacking programs in game these days. We will freeze them for 7 days for the first time. They will be frozen forever if they are checked using hacking programs for the second time.

We are so sorry for the hacking issues recently. We are checking on it and we will fix it in the coming new patch. Please be noticed.

Keep away from the hacking programs or you will take all the losses caused by them !

Re: Punishment for Using Hacking Programs in Tai Chi Panda

Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:30 am

Uhhh why won't people using hacking software be baned permanantly the first time? If your hacking you are deliberatly cheating, you'r knowingly breaking the rules of the game and you'r aware that there is a risk of getting banned.

This is like a free invite to hack the game 1 time! Just don't do it twice. So I'll just be waiting for that next hack that's worth a 7 days freeze.

Re: Punishment for Using Hacking Programs in Tai Chi Panda

Fri Sep 11, 2015 3:59 am

Account was frozen at about 1 hour ..
I've never used anything just down the game play and game store.
I struggle a lot to stand firm in the game and spend about 10 hours a day playing this game ...
I am not a VIP but thanks to all the effort gain pvp battles much stronger players than me.
I'm only vip 1 lvl 70 is the top of my server is lvl 80 and I am a player who strive to compete with these people.
Team intance was playing with some friends trying to pass the instace lvl 70 and we could not, we would only try tomorrow then we do the other instance and after the end got the message freezing ...
Sorry if I'm wrong but never did anything to deserve this ,, and honestly think incompetence of the people who did this to my account ...
And I'm a little afraid daspessoasque did this to my account without reason, because when vain unlock freeze again ..
You think this is fair? I lose much of my day and night dedicated to this game and that's what I get very disappointed with GM Snail.
I'm just another sad player with so many hackers and bugs and you guys freeze those who have nothing to do ...
The game lost its meaning.
  Account: zzUNKNOWNzz
  Server: Us-S20
    Thank you for freezing ,, not have words to thank Snail.
:evil: :evil: :evil: :twisted: :twisted: :oops:

Re: Punishment for Using Hacking Programs in Tai Chi Panda

Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:49 pm

I really don't know how to say this better tha, this post is lies. I've sent so many emails, blatantly showing people cheating and nothing, absolutely nothing has happened. This forum seems nothing more than lip service. And why would you freeze people. Tey r cheating fir how long? Then they caught but, have already reaped the rewards of cheating. I am a vip 10, didn't cheat and the fact that thus happens angers me enough that I wish I had not invested in this game. Want proof, here it is, well one of them. I've sent 10 emails now on thus subject as instructed and, day after day they play and cheat. You want us, as your income to believe you. Do something permanant to cheaters and hackers.
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Re: Punishment for Using Hacking Programs in Tai Chi Panda

Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:03 pm

Its been the same old same old...cheating stays apperently! youve introduced so many new things the mounts warpath decathlon master...!dont know how many tried decathlon master its very very hard almost impossible. ..but on our server theres apparently a lvl 62 huntress who pulled it only 1.22 min hell im lvl 75 with 438k might i cant pass the third..its a big joke.. there has been so many complaigns about it on so many servers but why in gods name are we the players the paying and non paying not being taken seriously about this all.we give you text and explanation we give you screenshots and stil it stays the same..we dont have to do it for a so called reward coz its a big joke 50k gold can you hear me laugh...the point is some of us pay and others cant but we all should be protected by your own rules..this is just 1 of the things an other is you are also cheating if you top up before an new update and something goes wrong you can wait a long time on your purchase you wont get your top up bonus and it wil take you endless time in emaling you about the matter it would be great if in a future update you would update the gm and take all complaints serious btw did any one could get the so called reward that was sended by snail in email the reward gift for launching this new overlord coz i couldnt and jet again emailed you but not even 1 reply thats cheating to you know telling players they get a free gift but the code you send isnt valid nice one

Re: Punishment for Using Hacking Programs in Tai Chi Panda

Thu Oct 08, 2015 7:33 pm

I agree stop this Bull, telling people only a week freeze for first time being caught invites them to cheat the game, long as they cheat in a way that's worth the week they come back with everything they ripped off?? how is that fair for honest players let alone the people putting money into game for the edge that these players are cheating to obtain. :roll:

:evil: :evil: :evil: FIX THIS CRAP :evil: :evil: :evil:

Re: Punishment for Using Hacking Programs in Tai Chi Panda

Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:30 am

Lol rip this game and like $70 of mine

Re: Punishment for Using Hacking Programs in Tai Chi Panda

Wed Mar 02, 2016 8:14 pm

I'm a new player, I left old game even tho I was heavily invested in it due to this problem, cheating!

Anyone suspected and found cheating should be banned permanently! No ends ifs about it.

I understand you want to keep players base as big as possible but what you saying by 7day is that it's ok to try it. In a way you are encouraging it.
If I can test a hack /soft which might give me unlimited resources and diamonds and if I know in case I might get cought I'll only be banned for 7 days this might encourage me to try it. When I say me, I don't mean my self!

Please perma ban anyone found cheating, first time and every time!

Re: Punishment for Using Hacking Programs in Tai Chi Panda

Mon Aug 01, 2016 5:00 pm

When reporting bugs in the past, GMs have accused my main character of hacking many times, thats bull, i have worked very hard at what i have, and im only lvl93 with 717k might, VIP6, and still die on normal map stages... Snail by far has the worst customer service in any game on google market.(period)
As for the actual hackers, snail lets them play cause the people that pay alot of cash.. it kinda forces them to pay more just to beat the hackers... at least thats y snail git give a flying f..

Or this is a clone version, for another hacker on a china server :-/

Re: Punishment for Using Hacking Programs in Tai Chi Panda

Mon Aug 08, 2016 12:29 am

Yeahhh not China la if no laying
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