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Mount Guidance

Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:04 pm

I'll start by saying I'm sorry for starting ANOTHER thread about them. :?

I'll now get the mod response out of the way (copied and pasted as they would from Dragoban's thread):

banksshen wrote:Hi ________,

We appreciate for your detailed description and careful observation of our game.

The mount skill has no relation with their level or tier. It has no change when you level your mounts up.
About the balance between these three mounts, we will report to the relevant department.
For more help you can contact snail support team at

Snail Support Team
:shock: :shock: :roll:

Re: Mount Guidance

Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:21 pm

I have one character a few thousand EXPs away from being eligible and the other 1 lvl and a few thousand EXPs.

I don't want to overlook something or play catch up more then I have to. I don't see the need for one other then Warpath and Battle Royale. I have NO clue which to get for starters and then if I do the various objects in game are mount specific right?

Then there's blood gems (I think) etc.

What (if any) are the benefits of competing in warpath or Battle Royale? I stopped doing Battle Royale when they took away the select button and was only using it for EXP boost here and there anyway. As I recall Demigod dust was about the only real thing from Battle Royale.

So if it's only a matter of who has the bigger manhood I'll pass ( I play as 2 women anyways so it's a mute point. :lol: ) but,seriously if there's no "extras" like pet souls or outfits (AGAIN the whole "woman" thing :roll: ) I don't see the want/need for a mount to compete in an area I am SO under powered BEFORE the mount addition.

Thanks :D

Jim 8-)

Re: Mount Guidance

Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:44 pm

Well for one if you were to get a mount you would match every other player in the game minus those paying to have tier 2+ mounts already. Battle Royale is basically just another part of the game people use to slowly but surely gain resources. If your team kills the warlord you receive some nice sh*t. It should be noted that you gain stats for random queuing rather than team queuing. I personally find Battle Royale fun whether or not I'm using a mount. Either way it is necessary unless you want a low level Demigod.

I think another thread partially discussed what each mount is best for.

I'll start with Frosthorn, he's useless. Enough said? Before someone jumps on me, this entire game is based around how fast can you deal damage. Frosthorn doesn't even work well as a tank since skilled players know very well to kill damage dealers first, and most of what can take down a Fireborn or Sparkfang is AoE that Frosthorn can't protect from.

Fireborn is extraordinarily OP as far as mounts go when you're facing unmounted players. It's second skill basically kills everything within it's range unless they're using a high damage reduction rare skill.

Sparkfang excels in 1v1 whether it's against a mount or player, but it's hit range is low and occasionally difficult to aim. It's very good at short bursts of high damage output however Fireborn is better at extended damage output.

I personally use Sparkfang and favor it's game play over what I've seen for Fireborn, it does require more skill though. For mount vs. mount it's debatable whether Fireborn or Sparkfang is better. The only time I've ever been killed by a fireborn is when the enemy team traps me some where while Fireborn hits me from afar. Often times this is done on either of the bridge in Battle Royale but it's easy to run around Warpath.

Re: Mount Guidance

Sat Sep 26, 2015 11:16 am

Hi all,

I'm a 47 gunner and have been reading many things and also learned great things from you all. I know the ones that are really active and have the patience to help one out.

I'm sitting on like 7k gems or so (only bought the wings, nothing else and won't). Bought two titles (cutie pie and labor day). Right now I'm using the labor day title as t gives me 10% crit dmg. I'm working on a crit build and this is what I've got so far:

Hades helm (16/20 shards)
Hades chest (12/20 shards)
Hades weapon
Baals boots
Baals necklace
Interpets bracers (maybe I'll switch to hades bracers later on. Dunno which is better)
Baals ring

Bought borik (evo2), wise dory (evo1), capt. sam (evo0). Next I have Nami from the timed event. Right now my team exists of boxer (evo8), borik (evo2), wise dory (evo1), and capt. sam (evo0). I've got all the maps 3 stars. Done the 2x maps for gems and elites for the gems. Things aren't really hard as i'm also sitting on 126k might.

I've began to do battle royale (only for like 1 day to test it out). I've done like 6 matches and I won and lost 3 times. That gave me 9 blood gems. So let's say I've got 10 gems, so that makes it 1 shard for a mount. Let's also say I do 10 matches daily and even if I lost all rounds it still would give me 1 shard daily) Doing this for the next 9 days, it would mean I should have a mount right? Bit confusing as people say it would take between 30 and 50 days to get a mount.

So here is my question: Is the mount realy worth it? I don't mind playing 10 matches a day or probably less for the next 9 days as I'm used to it. I've played world of warcraft and there are grindings to do that costs 30 days or longer to get something.

Another thing is: There is this mount pack for 2800 gems. That speed things up by 50%. Is 2800 gems worth the mount pack? 7500 gems minus 2800 is 4700 gems left and I also want to buy a costume (I think.. don't know yet), so that leaves me with 2600 gems or so. Getting gems isn't hard, but tbh it isn't easy either. The reason I got so many gems is because of all those elite and 2x time maps doings. Things will slow down now and I want to make the best use out of the gems.

One last question about mounts. Those blood crystals (The energy restore things). How does that work? Getting those things out of the market isn't hard but I kinda don't wanna. Already using the market only for refine stones and gear. If I've got a mount I assume that the skills would cost me that energy right? What if it's empty? Does it replenish by itself over time? How long would that be? If If play one match with a mount does the energy go empty fast if I overuse the skills all the time? What about if the mount dies. Does it take energy to summon him again? I don't want to use the blood crystals tbh but I do want to use a mount and use the skills haha.

I know these are a lot of questions, but it would help me greatly. You guys are like veterans and it would really help to give me some guidance. I appreciate it :)


Re: Mount Guidance

Sat Sep 26, 2015 4:12 pm

Well first I would like to note you only get 2 tickets to do BR per day and you can only hold 12 at a time. So after you get through your current attempts you can only do 2 a day.

Secondly I would like to say that mounts are worth farming for. They will soon be needed in both battle royale and warpath. You'll be able to gain XP faster in battle royale, you won't be repeatedly insta killed, and believe me you need battle royale unless you want to skip out on demigod and believe me that's a bad idea. My Demi is behind because I have seen 5 Neptune fury shards since before demigod was released so mine is level 19. My friend didn't get caught on it so she has 150k more hp at the same level and that is the sole reason I can't win against her in pvp.

Whether or not mounts are worth your diamonds is your choice. I personally bought the 666 diamond pack once and the 2800 diamond pack once, 1666 of those were diamonds I had saved and I paid $30 for it.

Dark crystals that "recharge energy" are actually used to feed the mount so it levels up. 10 dark crystals and 20 market crystals give mounts 100 XP and each level obviously takes more XP. The level increases the attributes it gives you while unmounted with the mount equipped.

Re: Mount Guidance

Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:43 pm

I have fireborn on my alt. Oh. My. God. 4.5 million crits from an auto-targeting aoe that ranges as far as your screen goes and even a bit further than that. At level 58. I've gotten 50 kills and 15k points. My mountless main struggles to get 3k points. It's just plain fun.

Re: Mount Guidance

Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:59 pm

Thank you for the answers Dragoban.

This rly made me to the conclusion to indeed buy a mount pack for 2800 gems. I was leaning to fireborn as it's just insane. I like that ones most of all. Tbh a costume is something that I don't really need, but I do prefer the stats as in hit/crit dmg and crit red/crit dmg. on some of them. I think the summer and the new kickboxing one are the best, but I don't want the summer one to show. Dunno if you can turn that one off like the wings?

The thing about the dark crystals is understandable now and I srsly didn't knew about the BR tickets. I'm lvl 48 now and since it's unlock I only have played 6 matches. Before I turn lvl 55 I should almost have it. Don't rly care as I like the work towards it haha.

Re: Mount Guidance

Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:23 pm

Thanks for the guidance gents. :D

and thanks papachico for jumpin' in and "taking over" my thread. :D You did a WAY better job of asking specifics that I should have. :?

I got some good info. :ugeek:

So are pendants and other pieces just different Qualities like character equipment or are there some mount specific ones?

Battle Royale is a bigger joke as a mid level player than before but , since I don't have funds to buy a mount I guess if I don't have the time to get pummeled in hopes of getting dropped in a winning team I can just plan on the 1 stone thingy a try. :D

Thanks again :mrgreen:

Jim 8-)

Re: Mount Guidance

Sun Sep 27, 2015 3:31 pm

Haha np at all Jim :)

By pendants, do you mean the 4 gear pieces of the mount? Like the saddle and stuff? Those are the gear for the mount only, not your character. You gain stats for your character aswell as stats when you mount your mount. I must say that BR is sometimes fun. It rly depends of how many ppl use a mount and what team has more mounts = win. If you don't win, it's because your team failed at the 2 warbringers (that both drop 1 stardust)and (usually)the warlord (that drops a chest, which contains 2 stardust I think). If you win the match you are also rewarded with 2 blood gems and 1 stardust. Those are the fun times. The not so fun times is when you lose the match, don't kill the warbringers and warlord. You will only be rewarded by 1 stardust and 1 blood gem.

As Dragoban already said: A mount is kinda needed for the higher chance for winning the match (= more stardust). You'll need those to upgrade your demigod. So all in one, it's a good deal haha.

Last there is the warpath, but I can't tell you anything about that, only that it's a must to have a mount.

Re: Mount Guidance

Mon Sep 28, 2015 3:09 am

papachico wrote:Haha np at all Jim :)

By pendants, do you mean the 4 gear pieces of the mount? Like the saddle and stuff? Those are the gear for the mount only, not your character. You gain stats for your character aswell as stats when you mount your mount.

Thanks but, Ya I knew they were for mounts. I was asking if they were mount SPECIFIC. It looked like they were just different qualities (like character equipment) and no matter what mount you had they worked.

Good info on the rest too. Thanks. :D

I should probably start figuring out when to allot time to start doing Battle Royale again. Just trying to get pet evols up and surge pills before reset every night. :roll: :lol:

Jim 8-)
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