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Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:40 pm

One day, there were two men who were neighbors. One who is very greedy. The other one is like the jealousy of others.

One day, the two of them traveled to the god of Zeus for a wonderful blessing. As soon as they reach the gods, he knows the two men's habits and wants to educate them. He said to the two men. "I will bless the blessings of the first blessing. And the other one will get the effect of that splendor twice. "

When men both listen so. The greedy man opens the opportunity for the jealous man to beg first. Because they hope to get more benefits. The jealous man was afraid that the greedy man would be better off than himself, so he blessed the deity of Zeus. "Let me be blind one." Suddenly, the very coveted man received the blessing twice. He must be blind on both sides.

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This story teaches that greed and jealousy bring disaster.
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